Capturing Chanel's Legacy: The Tweed High Jewelry Collection

Capturing Chanel's Legacy: The Tweed High Jewelry Collection


Introducing the latest glittering spectacle from Chanel - the Tweed High Jewelry collection. A masterful fusion of the house's heritage and luxury, the collection brings to life Chanel's trademark fabric in a myriad of precious stones and metals. The inspiration behind this collection draws from the sartorial sensation of Chanel's fashion realm: the iconic tweed fabric.


Patrice Leguéreau: An Ingenious Alchemist of Elegance and Modernity

Designed by Chanel's director of fine jewelry creation, Patrice Leguereau, the collection carries a modern edge over its quintessential elegance. As Leguereau threads the path of avant-garde creativity, his deep-rooted respect for Chanel's legacy remains apparent. His touch transforms the signature tweed motif into an array of enchanting jewelry pieces including necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Leguereau’s intent for this collection transcends the mere embodiment of luxury. He seeks to create an ensemble that stands as a testament to timelessness and modernity, to elegance and daring - a collection that weaves the intimate charm of tweed into the lap of luxury.


Tweed Reimagined: Unveiling the Collection

The 63 new items are slated for release in 2023, the collection promises an enticing treat for jewelry aficionados and collectors. Here's an early glimpse into the emblematic pieces that serve as the pillars of the Tweed High Jewelry Collection:


The Tweed Necklace: A Symphony of Diamonds

Tweed de Chanel Collection Necklace

Tweed de Chanel Necklace // Chanel 

 Tweed by Chanel Collection Necklace

Tweed by Chanel Collection Necklace // Chanel


The star of the collection, the Tweed Necklace, encases a cascade of diamonds in a delicate tweed pattern. This awe-inspiring piece is available in two lengths, designed to sit gracefully alone or in harmony with other pieces from the collection. It's a piece that showcases the essence of Chanel, a bold declaration of style and sophistication.


The Tweed Earrings: An Ode to Elegance

 Tweed de Chanel Collection Necklace and Earrings

Tweed de Chanel Earrings // Chanel

Tweed de Chanel Earrings 

Tweed de Chanel Earrings // Alice Gao / Chanel


Next in line is another mesmerizing creation: the Tweed Earrings. Fashioned with a web of diamonds embodying the tweed motif, these earrings exhibit the harmony of subtle beauty and striking design. Offered in two styles - a tasteful drop style and a captivating chandelier style - these earrings are the perfect companions for any occasion, enhancing their bearer's allure with each movement.


The Tweed Ring: A Sparkling Adornment

Tweed de Chanel Collection Ring

Tweed de Chanel Ring // Chanel


The Tweed Ring, a creation exuding sublime elegance, forms a significant part of the collection. Set with a diamond pavé, its tweed pattern is a testament to the Chanel spirit. Available in three sizes, it's a versatile piece, destined to adorn any finger with an enchanting sparkle.


The Tweed Watch: A Statement of Luxury

 Tweed de Chanel Collection Bracelet Watch

Tweed de Chanel Watch // Alice Gao / Chanel


To complete the collection, the Tweed Watch stands as a statement piece that refuses to go unnoticed. With a pavé of diamonds meticulously arranged in a tweed pattern, this bracelet is an embodiment of audacious glamour. Whether worn delicately on the wrist or strikingly on the arm, it's available in two sizes to perfectly complement its wearer's style.


A New Chapter in Chanel's Legacy

The Tweed High Jewelry collection from Chanel is an intricate melange of the house's iconic style and modern creativity. With its uniqueness and authenticity, the collection is set to captivate lovers of fine jewelry and Chanel admirers alike. Now available at selected Chanel boutiques, this stunning collection stands as another unforgettable chapter in Chanel's everlasting story.


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