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Your favorite jeweler, Eagle & Pearl, is back! This week, we’re introducing Clogau, which specializes in Welsh gold jewelry. Let’s get started.

Eagle & Pearl Jewelers

Eagle & Pearl was founded in London in 1730 and we are one of the oldest jewelers in the world. However, in 2005, we moved to the United States from the United Kingdom. We are now headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado; although, we still work with some of the UK’s finest designers.

Clogau is a Welsh designer that uses gold from the Clogau St. David’s mine who we have partnered with They’ve served the British Royal Family and the public for over 100 years. Since 2020, we have been partners with Clogau. We’ll delve into their history as well as some select pieces below.


In 1854, gold was discovered at Clogau’s St. David’s mine. This mine became the richest and most productive gold mine in the Dolgellau gold belt. Between 1962 and 1911, it produced nearly 2.5 tons of gold. Bill Roberts — father of current Clogau Managing Director Ben Roberts — acquired the mine in the mid-1980s and began a small-scale mining operation. By the late 1990s, the Gwynfynydd Gold Mine closed.

In 1999, it was taken over by a local exploration company. Finally, the BBC and other news organizations reported that the final traces of “economically extractable” gold were removed from the mines and surrounding soil by January 2007. However, the mine was acquired by a new exploration company in November 2010 that hopes to restore it to production.

How Clogau Uses Welsh Gold

The Clogau brand was founded in 1989 with just five pieces of jewelry. Over 30 years later, it holds over 400 pieces in its collection. When he acquired the mine, Bill decided to use the gold to produce jewelry of the highest quality. Yellow metal extracted from St. David’s mine is one of the rarest golds in the world.  However, because there’s no more gold mining in Wales today, Welsh gold supplies will eventually run out.

If you want to secure a piece of fine jewelry with Welsh gold, do it today! Supplies are scarce, and Clogau works diligently to spread its supply as far as possible with an affordable price tag. All 400+ pieces in their current collection contain rare Welsh gold even if only a small amount.

Famous Uses of Welsh Gold

Welsh gold has long been used to create wedding rings for select members of the British Royal family. This is a tradition that began in 1923 with the Queen Mother. Today, Queen Elizabeth II herself wears a Welsh gold band. Other notable members that also wear Welsh gold rings include:

  • Princess Margaret
  • Princess Anne
  • Princess Diana
  • Prince Charles
  • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
  • Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

In 1986, the Queen was also presented with a kilogram ingot of Welsh gold on her 60th birthday.

Clogau Jewelry

Each unique piece of jewelry featured below contains rare Welsh gold. These items are simply intended to give you a flavor of Clogau’s style. Some of the following items we currently carry and others we plan to add soon. The silver jewelry contains a small touch of Welsh gold while gold items are made of a special blend including portions of gold from the original Clogau mines. 

  1. Clogau Celebration Fairtrade Lab Grown Diamond Necklace
  2. Lily of the Valley Pearl Stud Earrings
  3. Forget Me Not Pendant
  4. Welsh Poppy Diamond and Ruby Pendant
  5. Watching Chamber Caged White Pearl Pendant
  6. Kensington Locket
  7. Oyster Pearl Pendant

Final Thoughts

Our recent partnership with Clogau is of great value to us at Eagle & Pearl Jewelers. We believe they create some of the finest jewelry in the world and we love partnering with them and supplying their pieces to our customers. To shop Eagle & Pearl Jewelers, visit here.

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