Eagle and Pearl Jewelers: Winners of the Lux Life Magazine Perfect Gift Awards 2022 for Best Pearl Jewelers of the Year - USA

Eagle and Pearl Jewelers: Wins Perfect Gift Awards 2022 for Best Pearl Jewelers of the Year - USA

Eagle and Pearl Jewelers, an exceptional purveyor of fine jewelry in the United States, has been celebrated by Lux Life Magazine in their annual Perfect Gift Awards as the Best Pearl Jewelers of the Year - USA, 2022. Known for their outstanding selection and uncompromising service, Eagle and Pearl has carved a niche for themselves in the highly competitive jewelry market. Their distinct collections of fine jewelry, including exclusive pieces by renowned designers Fei Liu, Kit Heath, and Clogau, are particularly cherished by brides-to-be for their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

What is the Perfect Gift Awards?

Over the past year, Eagle and Pearl Jewelers have impressed Lux Life Magazine's panel of judges with their top-tier selection, stellar service, and in-depth knowledge of pearls. The Perfect Gift Awards recognize the efforts of businesses that go above and beyond to provide consumers with superior products and services. Winning this award is no small feat; it is a testament to Eagle and Pearl's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Eagle and Pearl's Winning Partnerships

Eagle and Pearl's extensive collection is headlined by pieces from celebrated designers like Fei Liu, Kit Heath, and Clogau. Fei Liu, a globally acclaimed Chinese-British designer, is renowned for his Eastern-inspired designs that perfectly blend with Western aesthetics. Fei Liu's pieces, known for their sculptural beauty and intricate detailing, are a hit among modern brides seeking a unique statement.

Likewise, Kit Heath's sterling silver jewelry, inspired by the natural beauty of the British coastline, offers brides an elegant and understated option. His pieces combine clean, flowing lines and soft organic shapes that reflect the free spirit of the ocean and coastline.

And of course, there's Clogau. The brand's reputation for distinctive, beautiful designs crafted using Welsh gold - one of the rarest and most sought-after in the world - places it in a league of its own. Each Clogau piece carries a touch of the Welsh landscape's enchantment, making it a favorite among brides who appreciate exclusivity and heritage.

What Category Did We Win?

The Lux Life Magazine Perfect Gift Awards highlight Eagle and Pearl Jewelers' expertise in pearl jewelry - a domain they've mastered over the years. Their stunning range of pearl jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that exude a timeless elegance. They source the finest pearls from around the world, ensuring each piece meets their stringent quality standards.

Pearls, symbolizing purity, innocence, and wisdom, have always held a special place in bridal jewelry. Eagle and Pearl's expertise lies in understanding the unique allure of pearls and expertly incorporating them into designs that speak volumes about the wearer's personal style. Whether it's a classic string of pearls, a contemporary pearl pendant, or an ornate pearl-studded tiara, Eagle and Pearl deliver perfection every time.

Receiving the Lux Life Magazine Perfect Gift Award for Best Pearl Jewelers of the Year is not just an accolade; it's an acknowledgment of the dedication, knowledge, and passion that Eagle and Pearl Jewelers pour into their craft. This award reaffirms their commitment to their clientele, promising to continue delivering high-quality, unique pieces that stand the test of time.

Why Did We Win?

The winning combination of exclusive designers, a passion for pearls, and a commitment to the highest standards of customer service makes Eagle and Pearl Jewelers deserving winners of this prestigious award. As they continue to curate exceptional pieces for their clientele, the future looks bright for this distinguished retailer. Their success is a glowing testament to the vibrant and dynamic landscape of the American jewelry industry. With their eye firmly on the pearl, Eagle and Pearl Jewelers will undoubtedly continue to soar.


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