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Things are buzzing behind the scenes at Eagle and Pearl at the moment. Our wonderful pearl jewelry team has been nominated for the annual LUX Perfect Gift Awards, and we’re very excited about it.

Eagle and Pearl has always worked hard to remain at the forefront of contemporary costume and luxury jewelry, providing exceptional quality pieces created in collaboration with sought-after jewelry designers from around the globe, so being recognized for our achievements over the past 290 years is a joyous occasion.

Who better to share our continued success with than you, our stunning and sophisticated readers?

What Is the LUX Perfect Gift Award?

The LUX Perfect Gift Award is the newest LUXlife Award to be presented by LUX Magazine. The magazine has a large industry presence in the luxury gift market, amassing 2 million page views over the past 12 months.

As a prestigious and impartial judge of the most decadent and artisanal flowers, chocolates, luxury jewelry, and homeware gifts for the international market, their opinion means a lot to us, and to our discerning customers, too.

We are joining esteemed winners and nominees, ranking alongside our partner jewelry designer Fei Liu, who won one of LUX Magazine’s Global Wedding Awards in 2017 for his elegant take on bridal jewelry pieces as wearable works of art.

Which Category Have We Been Nominated In?

Luxury jewelry has been our specialty since the 1700s, so a nomination in a luxury jewelry category was not a surprise. We have been the premier choice for kings, Russian Tsars and Tsarinas, and other nobility for generations.

Yet while his royal highness Tsar Nicholas II may have been a fan of our rock crystal and enamel work, it is our pearls that have drawn the attention of LUX Magazine.

The magazine, which has been in operation since 2015 and is owned by AI Global Media Ltd, has nominated us for the Best Pearl Jeweler Award category, an award that promotes and enhances the reputation of the centuries-old material.

By working with contemporary jewelry artists such as Fei Liu, the first Chinese-born winner of the Silver award at the British Goldsmith Craftsmanship and Design Awards in 2000, and Kit Heath, the British jeweler behind the contemporary chain-link Astoria Range found at our online store, we aim to introduce pearl jewelry to modern audiences.

Will We Win? We Certainly Hope So!

With such tough competition in the Best Pearl Jeweler Award category, we’re honored just to be nominated. But with such a varied selection of baroque and freshwater pearls and jewelry designers such as Clogau, Kit Heath Jewelry, and Fei Liu showcasing the delicate nature and opalescence of these natural and cultured phenomenons, we are keeping our fingers crossed for a positive result later on in the year.

The results of the LUX Perfect Gift Award will be announced in September 2022, so stay tuned!

Credits: Perfect Gift Awards image courtesy and copyright LUX Life Magazine.

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