The Sunrise Ruby: A Gemstone of Radiance and Rarity

The Sunrise Ruby: A Gemstone of Radiance and Rarity

Sunrise Ruby

Sunrise Ruby // Cartier / Justin Tallis / AFP


The Sunrise Ruby, a truly extraordinary gem, stands out as one of the most stunning and valuable rubies in the world. This magnificent gemstone is renowned not only for its size and purity but also for its intriguing history and ownership. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating details of the Sunrise Ruby, exploring its significant owners, size, geological detail, setting, and value.


Introduction to The Sunrise Ruby

Sunrise Ruby

Sunrise Ruby // Cartier / Justin Tallis / AFP


Named after a poem written by the 13th-century poet Rumi, the Sunrise Ruby is an exquisite 25.59-carat Burmese ruby and diamond ring. The stone's rich red color, coupled with its significant size, makes it an extraordinary specimen. In 2015, it was auctioned by Sotheby's in Geneva, fetching an astonishing $30.42 million, setting a new world record for a ruby at the time.


Significant Owners

The Sunrise Ruby's first recorded owner was a private collector. However, the gemstone's allure attracted global attention, and it eventually made its way into the collection of a prominent gemstone connoisseur. Though the complete list of its owners remains private, its most recent appearance at auction hints at the significance it holds for those privileged enough to possess it.


Size and Appearance

Sunrise Ruby

Sunrise Ruby Ring // AP 


The size of the Sunrise Ruby is truly astonishing. Weighing in at 25.59 carats, it is one of the largest rubies of its kind. Its cushion-shaped form exhibits a remarkable vivid red color, known as "pigeon's blood," a term reserved for only the most extraordinary rubies.


Geological Detail

The Sunrise Ruby was discovered in the Mogok region of Myanmar (Burma), an area known for producing some of the finest rubies in the world. The region's unique geological conditions, including the marble-rich environment, contribute to the development of the deep red coloration found in the stone.

The gem owes its incredible color and clarity to a harmonious balance of chromium and iron, along with the absence of modifying colors. This combination is rare and makes the Sunrise Ruby an unparalleled example of its kind.



Sunrise Ruby

Sunrise Ruby // Unknown


The Sunrise Ruby is mounted between two shield-shaped diamonds, weighing 2.47 and 2.70 carats, respectively, on a stunning ring designed by the famed Swiss jewelry house, Cartier. The design is an artistic masterstroke that accentuates the beauty of the ruby. Cartier's choice to mount the ruby in this fashion showcases the gemstone's dazzling color, complementing it with the sparkle of the diamonds.



The value of the Sunrise Ruby lies not only in its size and color but also in its rarity, quality, and provenance. The gemstone's historical record-breaking sale price of $30.42 million underlines its significance. The Sunrise Ruby's value has likely appreciated since its last auction, thanks to its unique attributes and continued interest from collectors.



The Sunrise Ruby is a testament to nature's beauty, a gemstone that mesmerizes all who gaze upon it. Its significant size, unique geological characteristics, remarkable setting, and unparalleled value combine to make it one of the most extraordinary gemstones in existence.

In the world of fine gems, the Sunrise Ruby has etched its place in history. Its story will no doubt continue to fascinate and inspire, a symbol of the endless pursuit of perfection and a reflection of the artistry that human hands can create when given something so exquisite by nature.

In the words of Rumi, whose poem gave this beautiful gem its name: "The ruby and the sunrise are one. Be courageous and discipline yourself." The Sunrise Ruby, with its resplendent beauty, indeed inspires courage and admiration, much like a breathtaking sunrise.


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