Grace Kelly's Engagement Ring: A Timeless Symbol of Romance

Grace Kelly's Engagement Ring: A Timeless Symbol of Romance


Grace Kelly


The world of Hollywood and the serene European royalty once intersected in a fairy tale-like love affair, culminating in one of the most iconic engagements in history. At the heart of this union was a stunning piece of jewelry – Grace Kelly's engagement ring. A tale of glamour, romance, and tradition, this emblem of love became an everlasting symbol of the union between Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco.


The Hollywood-Royalty Romance

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco

Grace Kelly with Prince Rainier III of Monaco // Getty Images


The tale of Grace Kelly, a dazzling Hollywood actress, meeting Prince Rainier III of Monaco, a European monarch, reads like a script straight out of a classic romance film. Their paths crossed in a serendipitous encounter that neither could have foreseen. In 1955, Grace was in Cannes for the Film Festival when she was invited to a photo session at the Royal Palace in Monaco. It was during this session that she was introduced to Prince Rainier. Their initial meeting, though brief, was charged with a palpable connection.

Their romance blossomed in the months that followed. Letters were exchanged, clandestine visits were made, and the world, unknowingly at first, was about to witness a love story that would be talked about for generations. Their courtship was discreet, but the intensity of their feelings for each other was evident. Both Grace and Rainier were individuals who bore the weight of their public personas gracefully, yet they found solace and genuine affection in each other's company.

Despite their different worlds, a whirlwind romance ensued. Their courtship was followed with bated breath by both the press and the public, each eager for any morsel of information about this real-life fairy tale.

Prince Rainier, smitten and certain of his feelings, didn't let much time pass before he decided to propose. He traveled to the United States and met Grace's family. After securing the blessings of her parents, Rainier proposed to Grace with a Cartier eternity band set with rubies and diamonds. However, he soon replaced it with the now-famous 10.47 carat emerald-cut diamond ring, understanding the allure of Hollywood and believing that such a ring was befitting a film star of Grace's stature.

The engagement was officially announced in January 1956, to the delight and astonishment of the world. The ring, with its magnificent diamond set in platinum and flanked by baguette-cut side stones, became an emblem of their fairy-tale romance. It wasn't just a piece of jewelry; it was a symbol of the union between two disparate worlds, each illustrious in its own right.

In the end, Grace Kelly's transition from the silver screen to the throne of Monaco and her whirlwind romance with Prince Rainier is a testament to the unpredictability of love and the magic that can happen when two worlds collide.


The Ring

Grace Kelly Engagement Ring

Grace Kelly Engagement Ring //


The engagement between Grace and Prince Rainier was announced in January 1956. And the pièce de résistance of this engagement was, without a doubt, the Cartier ring. Given to Grace by Prince Rainier, this ring wasn’t just a testament to his affluence, but a symbol of his deep affection for the Hollywood actress.


Size & Cut: The diamond that graced the ring was an impressive 10.47 carats. Its sheer size made it a talking point in itself. But it wasn’t just the size that was noteworthy. The diamond was an emerald cut, a cut known for its elegance and understated sophistication. This style of cut is characterized by its rectangular facets and chiseled step cuts. The broad, flat plane highlights the clarity of the diamond, making it perfect for gems that are near flawless, as was the case with Grace's diamond.


Setting & Metal: The emerald-cut diamond was set in platinum, a metal known for its durability and rich white hue. Platinum's strength ensures that the diamond remains securely in place. The setting was designed with baguette-cut diamond side stones, further enhancing the ring’s brilliance. This was not a minimalist design, but then, their love was anything but minimal.


Gemological Detail: Emerald cuts are known to showcase the natural clarity of a diamond since the long lines and broad facets can magnify any inclusions. The diamond given to Grace Kelly was of an exceptionally high clarity grade. Furthermore, the color and brilliance of her diamond made it a rare and valuable gem, even among other diamonds of similar size.


Value and Legacy

Estimating the exact value of Grace Kelly's engagement ring in today's terms is tricky due to the ring's historical significance, the rarity of such a diamond, and the inflation over the years. However, experts believe that in today's market, the ring would be worth several million dollars. But beyond its monetary value, the ring represents the convergence of old-world royalty and Hollywood glamour, a story of love that captivated the world.

Over the years, the ring has inspired numerous replicas and has been admired by jewelry enthusiasts, fashion experts, and romantics alike. Its iconic status isn't merely because of its size or its owner, but because of the love story it represents.



Grace Kelly's transition from Hollywood starlet to Princess of Monaco is a tale as timeless as the diamond that adorned her finger. The engagement ring given to her by Prince Rainier III stands as a testament to their love, a love that bridged two very different worlds. In both its design and its history, Grace Kelly's engagement ring is an enduring symbol of romance, glamour, and the kind of love stories that dreams are made of.


Main cover image: Grace Kelly wearing her famous engagement ring // ScreenProd / Photononstop / Alamy Stock Photo


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