Fei Liu

Fei Liu JewelryThe story of Fei Liu Jewelry began in 2006 in the heart of the historic Birmingham Jewelry Quarter. Back then their dream was to design luxurious and wearable jewelry to celebrate the individual spirit of women.

To this day, it is a privilege to connect Fei Liu with fellow jewelry lovers and collectors with a taste for exceptional jewels. Fei Liu believe that jewelry is more than an accessory. It is part of the wearer and her natural beauty and personality shines through upon adorning the jewelry.

Their founder Fei Liu combines a Chinese and English design aesthetic to each piece; a fusion of his Eastern heritage and Western experience. With each design we strive for color, wearability and three-dimension – ensuring the jewelry sparkles from all angles. It has been exciting and humbling to see their designs honored at international awards and, also, where the stars adorn our jewelry.

We have partnered with Fei Liu Fine Jewellery to bring their extraordinary rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings to you here in the US. Whether the holidays are near and you are seeking that perfect gift, or you are looking for the ideal "this is so me" piece, Eagle and Pearl Jewelers have it.    

Fei Liu available at Eagle and Pearl Jewelers, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Your Fei Liu near me store! 

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