Guest Posting

We will publish your article on Eagle and Pearl Jewelers' blog. You will receive a link to your website on this non-spammy, exclusive and established high DA and DR website blog (At time of writing this: 51DA/44DR). We only accept guest posts that relate to fine jewelry, fine jewelry brands, jewelry awards, red-carpet events, and luxury fashion.

You will need to provide the content and five keywords and the website this post links to. Your images can be posted as long as they do not infringe any copyright laws.

Guide for SEO:

  1. Do not provide outbound links for keywords on the post that you wish it to be ranked for.
  2. Your meta description should be between 156 and 200 characters.
  3. Do not include the keyword or keyphrase synonyms more than 3 times in the meta description.
  4. Try to Keep it to around 2000 words or less.
  5. Do not overoptimize your content by blanketing it with just your keyword(s). This can hurt rankings on search engines.
  6. Use Paragraph headings and subheadings.
  7. Try to keep sentences to 20 words or less where possible.
  8. Use active voice where possible.
  9. No curse-words or derogatory statements will be accepted for publishing.
  10. Write in conversational tone.

We charge an administrative fee of $100 that you can pay here.

Email your article and images for review to

What we use your payment for: Paying our reviewing and publishing staff. We also use the part of the fee to increase our DA/DR profile that, in turn, helps our clients that we link to. 


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