Size Guide


When ordering a ring you will need to select the correct size for the best fit.  Use the following for guidance if you don't already know your size: Use a thin strip of paper or a piece of string to measure your ring size in mm for the inner circumference of the ring, wrap this around your finger around the widest part, ensuring it will go over your knuckles.   Use the table above to select the size based on your measurement. As a "rule of thumb", for wider ring styles you may have to choose a larger size or two.

Ring Size Chart



Our necklaces come in a variety of lengths to allow you to layer and mix your style to your hearts content. The lengths are stated in the product specification and where applicable add the length of the 2" extender to the chain length to get the total length. You can use the illustration above for an approximate guide on the fit of each length.

Neckwear Size Guide




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