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1. Do I receive a box with my item?

Yes. All items are shipped with a branded box for the designer of your jewelry item. Some items are sent in an Eagle and Pearl box.


2. Why is my item in a plastic bag inside the jewelry box?

We ship some items like this to prevent damage to the item by preventing it from moving around inside the jewelry box during shipping (In case it becomes loose inside the jewelry box). You can discard the plastic bag if you choose.


3. What is Rhodium plating?

At the time of writing this, Rhodium is one of the most expensive metals on the planet. Rhodium is plated to silver to prevent tarnishing.


4. Is the jewelry hallmarked?

Yes. All jewelry we sell is hallmarked. See the description for your item to see the purity of metals used during creation. 


5. What hallmark number is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is hallmarked with the number 925, meaning it is 92.5% pure silver.


6. Where is Eagle and Pearl based?

Eagle and Pearl Jewelers is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 


7. Do you ship outside the USA?

No. At present, Eagle and Pearl Jewelers only operates in the USA and ships items only to addresses within the USA.


8. Why are there two Eagle and Pearl websites?

This website at www.eagleandpearl.com is our newest website created in 2021. The website located at www.eagleandpearljewelers.com is our original website that we keep as we use that one for most of our third-party platform listings. It seemed a waste to delete the original website after so much work.


9. What is the different between gold listed as ct or kt?

There is no purity difference in the metal if the numbers are the same. Ct is used in Europe, whereas kt is used in the USA.


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