Princess Soraya's Engagement Ring: A Symbol of Romance, Royalty, and Rare Beauty

Princess Soraya's Engagement Ring: A Symbol of Romance, Royalty, and Rare Beauty

 Princess Soraya Engagement Ring

Princess Soraya Engagement Ring // 


Princess Soraya's engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry. It's a testament to a tale of romance, royalty, and resplendence. The story behind the ring and its owners, combined with its exceptional gemological and geological attributes, make it a unique artifact that intrigues historians, gemologists, and jewelry enthusiasts alike.


The Romance:

In the heart of Tehran, amidst the tumultuous political landscape of the mid-20th century, blossomed a romance that would captivate the world's attention. His Imperial Majesty Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran, and Princess Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiari's love story is one of passion, promise, and the pressures of royal duty.

The story begins with Forough Zafar Bakhtiari, a confidante of Shah Pahlavi's mother, who was tasked with identifying suitable women from her family lineage. During this search, Forough's niece informed her about Soraya, who was pursuing her studies in London.

Upon receiving this information, the Queen Mother requested pictures of Soraya and delegated her daughter, Princess Shams, to meet Soraya in the British capital. Post their meeting, Princess Shams conveyed to the Queen Mother that having met Soraya, there was no need to consider anyone else

Upon seeing the photograph, the Queen Mother presented it to her son, who promptly expressed a desire to meet Soraya in person. The Shah, struck by her beauty and grace, expressed a desire to meet her. Soraya, the daughter of an Iranian father and a German mother, was raised amidst two diverse cultures, which gave her a unique charm and elegance. Having recently made her acquaintance, Princess Shams escorted Soraya to Tehran.

From numerous recounts, the Shah and Soraya's inaugural meeting was emblematic of love at first sight. Mesmerized by Soraya's grace and beauty, the Shah was equally captivating to her with his charismatic allure and the majesty of the Persian throne. Their mutual admiration was further cemented by shared interests and an undeniable bond. Such was the depth of their instant connection that, on that very night, in the early hours, Shah Pahlavi felt compelled to reach out to Soraya's father, Khalil Khan, to seek his daughter's hand in marriage.


The Engagement:

The whirlwind romance between the Shah and Princess Soraya was evident as, within a year of their initial meeting in 1950, the Shah made his proposal. The royal family's announcement of their engagement on October 11, 1950, set the stage for their impending nuptials on December 26 that same year. Their commitment was magnified by the awe-inspiring diamond ring that Mohammad Reza Pahlavi gifted Soraya, a shining symbol of his deep affection and the splendor of the Iranian monarchy. Yet, as the wedding neared, Soraya was struck down by a severe bout of typhoid fever and grippe. Throughout her recovery in the subsequent months, Shah Reza consistently uplifted her spirits with lavish jeweled gifts.


The Wedding:

Shah Pahlavi and Princess Soraya

 HIM Shah Pahlavi and Queen Soraya // Life / Corbis


The union of Shah Pahlavi and Princess Soraya was celebrated in the opulent Mirror Hall of Tehran's Golestan Palace, succeeded by a grand banquet and reception. British newsreels painted a vivid image of the evening, describing a scene of radiant grandeur within the palace's pink-marbled interiors.

Amidst a setting reminiscent of Mughal magnificence, global dignitaries and noble individuals convened to honor the blossoming romance. This spectacle was awash with floral arrangements, high fashion, gleaming gold, and dazzling gemstones. As the British broadcaster aptly remarked, a mere photograph had evolved into an enchanting fairy tale denouement.

Despite the beauty of their love story, the weight of royal responsibilities and the pressures of producing an heir strained their relationship. Their marriage, which began with so much promise, would eventually end in 1958. But the romance and passion that marked its beginning remain etched in the annals of history, reminding us of a royal love story that, for a moment in time, captured the world's imagination.


Carat, Size, and Gemological Detail:

Princess Soraya Engagement Ring

Princess Soraya's Engagement Ring // Life / Corbis


Princess Soraya's engagement ring was created and features a diamond weighing a massive 22.37 carats, with two tapering baguette diamonds set horizontally onto the platinum band. The step-cut (an emerald - or table - cut) stone is held in place by four fancy platinum prongs. It's size and brilliance evoke the magnificence of the royal family it represented. The diamond, a radiant and pristine example of gemological excellence, displayed unparalleled clarity and color.


Geological Detail:

Diamonds are formed deep within the Earth's mantle under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Over billions of years, these precious stones make their way to the Earth's surface via volcanic eruptions. The specific geological origins of the diamond in Princess Soraya's ring are shrouded in mystery. Still, given its size and quality, it might hail from one of the significant diamond mines, possibly from Africa or Russia, which are known for producing large, high-quality stones.

The four Cs — carat, color, clarity, and cut — are pivotal in evaluating a diamond's quality and value. Given the prominence and pristine nature of Princess Soraya's diamond, it would likely score exceptionally high in all these categories.



Assigning a current monetary value to Princess Soraya's engagement ring is challenging, given its historical and cultural significance. Beyond the intrinsic value of the diamond itself, the ring carries with it the legacy of a royal romance and the cultural heritage of a nation. Nevertheless, at auction on May 29, 2002, the ring was purchased for over $1.1million, at todays exchange rate, by an anonymous buyer. Considering the size and quality of the diamond, combined with its provenance, its worth would now be in the multi-million dollar range, if not more. If ever auctioned again, the ring may undoubtedly fetch a record-breaking sum due to its backstory and the allure of its previous owners. 



Princess Soraya's engagement ring is more than just a dazzling piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of a bygone era, a testament to a passionate love story, and an artifact of unparalleled beauty and significance. As the stories of its owners continue to captivate, the ring remains a piece of history, reminding us of the timeless allure of romance, royalty, and radiant diamonds.


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