The Millennium Star Diamond: A Luxury Gemstone's Journey Through Size, Carat, Geology, and Legacy

The Millennium Star Diamond: A Luxury Gemstone's Journey Through Size, Carat, Geology, and Legacy


The Millenium Star worn by Iman

The Millenium Star worn by Iman // J. Vespa / Wire Image 


The Millennium Diamond, a beacon of affluence and luxury, has fascinated gemologists, collectors, and the general populace for years. Its extraordinary size, remarkable carat weight, intriguing geological details, eminent owners, and substantial value have earned it a significant place in history. This article delves into the various facets of this exceptional diamond, exploring its opulence and allure.


Size and Carat: The Epitome of Luxury

The Millenium Star

 The Millenium Star // De Beers


The Millennium Star stands as one of the most significant and luxurious diamonds ever unearthed. Weighing an astounding 777 carats in its rough form, it was discovered in the Mbuj-Mayi district of Zaire in alluvial deposits in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the late 1990s. Its sheer size immediately caught the attention of gemologists worldwide.

Once cut and polished, a task taking over three years, the Millennium Diamond was transformed into a beautiful, pear-shaped gem weighing 203.04 carats, making it one of the largest colorless, and flawless diamonds in the world. The cut diamond was renamed the Millenium Star.


Geological Details: A Unique Formation

The geological features of the Millennium Star add to its allure. Diamonds are typically formed over 1-3 billion years deep within the Earth's mantle under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. The Millennium Star, however, possesses some unique characteristics that distinguish it from others.

It is classified as a Type IIa diamond, meaning it's virtually devoid of any impurities. This unique geological classification contributes to the diamond's exceptional clarity and colorless appearance. Such qualities are found in less than 2% of all diamonds, adding to the Millenium Star's exclusivity.


Significant Owners: A Symbol of Prestige

The Millenium Diamond Collection

The Millenium Diamond Collection // De Beers


Ownership of the Millennium Star has always been synonymous with wealth and prestige. De Beers, the famous diamond mining company, initially acquired the gemstone. The company then entrusted the Steinmetz Group with the responsibility of cutting and polishing this exceptional piece.

The Millennium Star was first displayed in October 1999 as the centerpiece of the De Beers Millennium diamond collection. Throughout the year 2000, the collection was prominently showcased at the Millennium Dome in London. On November 7 of the same year, a plot to steal the collection was devised, but it was thwarted by the Metropolitan Police. The authorities detected the scheme and arrested the would-be thieves before they could make their escape. Kris Hollington, a renowned crime journalist, chronicled the attempted theft in his book, "Diamond Geezers" (ISBN 1843171228). This work not only details the foiled heist but also provides an exhaustive history of the Millennium Star. De Beers, having retained ownership of the diamond since initially acquiring it, now houses the gem at their New York office.


Value: The Price of Perfection

The Millennium Star's value is as astounding as its size and beauty. Though its exact price remains undisclosed, estimates place it well above $100 million, reflecting the rarity and perfection of this piece.

Its value is not only determined by its size and carat but also by its flawless clarity, perfect symmetry, and exceptional polish. The intricate craftsmanship required to bring this stone to its finished state also contributes significantly to its price tag.


Conclusion: An Icon of Luxury

The Millennium Star is not just a gemstone; it's a symbol of luxury, perfection, and human achievement in gemology. Its extraordinary size and carat weight, coupled with its rare geological features, make it a unique piece that captivates all who lay eyes on it. The diamond's significant owners and its jaw-dropping value only add to its legacy as one of the world's most luxurious gemstones.

The story of the Millennium Star is a remarkable journey through the realms of rarity, beauty, and opulence. It continues to stand as a beacon of human craftsmanship and a testament to nature's ability to create pure, unblemished beauty. In the world of gemstones, where luxury is often measured in sparkling facets and gleaming hues, the Millennium Star reigns supreme. Its legacy will no doubt continue to inspire and fascinate for generations to come.


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